I’m feeling a bit random today, but had more thoughts about putting together your resume. It’s easy to write your resume once you decide what you’d like to include in it.

Follow the following tips to help it from getting thrown in the trash, and of course, making it look great: 

* One half inch to one inch margins are ideal. 

* Use and easy to read font like Arial or Time New Roman

* Spell Check! Enough said! 

* Honesty Counts! Tell the truth on your resume. Many people have been fired once lies on their resume have been discovered. Tell the truth!

* One to two pages (at most) is a good length. No need to write a long novel! 

* Don’t include your marital status, race, age, sexual preference, religion, or citizenship. 

* Use accurate job descriptions and your title. Always use action verbs when describing your job. For example: trained 50 technicians, planned company offsite meetings, investigated false insurance claims, etc. etc. Hiring managers as well as the individuals you might encounter when you’re interviewing want to look at your resume and understand what you accomplished in each position. 

* References: Most hiring managers know you probably have reference available. If you don’t, it’s a good idea to speak with former bosses, coworkers, etc., who can attest to what is was like working with you. Ideally, you should not put “Reference available on request” in your resume.


One comment on “RESUME TIPS

  1. dan says:

    Professional Resume Samples and Templates

    When you can, use your well developed and written resume as a follow up tool, not as the first item you present. Present yourself as the product, not your resume. It should be utilized at the close of any great conversation, without regard to how short it may have been. Use it to remind readers of your main strengths, and provide details that they are curious about. You won’t fall prey to the “send me your paper, and I’ll think about meeting with you” approach. The potential employer, or the person who is looking for the job, is not benefited by prescreening with the resume method. Have some discussions with people. Research the company thoroughly. Promote your skills and assets. Make it happen for yourself!

    Professional Resume Samples and Templates

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