Last year, after many years with the same employer, my orthodontist to be specific, my mom was about to be back into the job market. The orthodontist retired, and my mom decided she needed to find another job instead of working for the orthodontist who took over her former boss’s practice. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a resume. 

No matter what your age, if you’re just entering the job market, or trying to find another job after years and years with the same employer, a great resume is always needed. In my mom’s case, she was concerned that nobody would hire her because she’d been at the same employer for so long. 

If you’ve been at the same employer for a very long time, don’t worry. As you’ll see from the enclosed resume, my mom held various job positions with the same employer. For her resume we listed each job and the responsibilities for each (bulleted) along with the dates for each position. In her case, she listed job titles in reverse chronological order, but you’re welcome to list them in any order you choose. It’s all up to you! Just be sure that your job history is clear, and, if there are any gaps between dates, and/or jobs, be certain you have an explanation for each (took some time off to raise my family, did volunteer work for the Peace Corps, etc.) during your phone/in-person interview.

So for my mom’s resume, we created the following sections, which gave a nice overview of her skills and background: 

* Heading

* Overview

* Professional Experience 

* Education

* Computer Skills

* Additional (Volunteer Work, Awards, Etc.)

Back In The Job Market Resume


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