So you’ve had a great job interview, and now are waiting to hear back from the hiring manager, HR representative, or other company member. Well, guess what? In most cases, you should either call or send them a polite email to check the status of the job they’re considering you for.

In many cases, after an interview, you should have some sense of the timeline for the hiring date for the position. If not, ask! Following up is a sign that you’re really interested in the position and will help you leave a positive impression for those in a position of hiring power. Mind you, I’m not saying be obnoxious about it, but one email, or one phone call will certainly do nicely. Thank the person you speak to or receive an email from. If you hear nothing, understand that they might be busy with interviews etc. and just don’t have time to follow up. Don’t take it personally. If you’re their number one candidate, you will hear from them. In the meantime, continue your job search, and if you never hear back, no worries. As my stepfather often says, “Keep on keeping on!”

Finally, you may receive a letter in the mail, phone call, or email letting you know you weren’t chosen to come in for further interviews or the position. I like to tell the hiring person that if their number one choice doesn’t work out, to please keep me in mind. In three months, check back with them to see if perhaps another opportunity has become available if it’s a company you really want to work for.


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