What Does Career Success Mean To You?

Interesting question, and there is no one correct answer. I’ve been asking family, friends, and complete strangers what their feelings are about “career success.” I’ll be posting them in this post as I receive them. Feel free to add your opinion too! Enjoy!

  • “I think career success is either your happy with what your doing and making a good living, or doing something honorable with your life. You don’t have to be making lot’s of money to be successful in your career. I think being happy with what your doing is the most important.” (Christian H.) 
  • “Specifically, it is when you are the unquestionable master of your own time, are making more than $1000 an hour, and are consistently lionized in prominent international publications worldwide for your acumen, insights, and accomplishments. More generally, it means doing enough to attain immortality.” (Nishant K.)
  • “When going to work isn’t work, but that satisfies some passion. When you can look back and see that you’ve left things better than they were. Just enough $ to keep body & soul together. Oh, and a yacht…a big, biiig, yaaaacht (said in Eartha Kitt’s purr).” (Treven C., Director of Operations, Squaretrade.com)
  • “I think career success is doing something you enjoy and that you are well respected for. ” (David P., Immigration Attorney)
  • “I remember reading a quote when I was in young about how you shouldn’t get a job that requires a new wardrobe. While new clothes are sometimes a necessity for a new job, I think the spirit of that quote is saying that you shouldn’t have to change who you fundamentally are for your job. If you love counting, then accounting might be a great career for you. If you like to work with your hands, then get a job in manufacturing (and don’t take a job in accounting just because it pays more!). Career success means doing what I enjoy and what comes naturally, which for me includes training and instructional design. The days fly by because my work is interesting, and I respect those around me who have chosen a similar profession. Success means having enough money to live for today and plan for tomorrow. It also means having time enough time away from work so that I am refreshed and ready to come back every day for more.” (Kim C., Training Supervisor, Biotech)