Happy 2011!

I haven’t been writing as much on this blog as I should. Not because the year has been uneventful. Rather, I found a new job! Very exciting to be part of such a great new biotech company (BioMarin).

After a little more than four years with my previous employer, I felt that it was definitely time for a change. You’ll find in your current career that change will be a great thing. Sometimes, you can just talk to your boss to see about new job tasks or other ways to keep your current position interesting. You can, as I did, look for other new opportunities throughout the company. Despite my best efforts, other people in the department were hired for the position. Something you should do after interviewing, is to follow up with your interviewer for a short phone chat or email about any feedback they can give you about how you did. This will be most beneficial as you continue your job search.

I’ll post more in the next week about steps we’ve discussed in the past couple of years to ensure you don’t forget them. Happy 2011!