Communication Tip

One tip that will help you survive in the corporate jungle is to listen a lot and speak with people professionally in case you have any questions, concerns, or issues. Additionally, you must learn to gauge when to escalate an issue to your boss, or if speaking with the person directly is a better option. 

Example: Person A listens to music while they’re working. Instead of using headphones, they turn the volume very low and assume it doesn’t bother their co-workers. Rather that ask Person A to use headphones, Person B goes to Person A’s boss to complain about the noise.

If this has been an issue before, this might be a good option. If not, a better solution would be for Person B to speak with Person A directly (in private) to ask if they would please use headphones. Person A will respect Person B for their professionalism. Many office relationships have been damaged by what has been called the “tattletale syndrome” or passive-aggressive behavior. How would you feel if one of your co-workers went to your boss first as opposed to speaking with you directly? Not good, right?

Bosses usually have a lot of work on their agenda and may prefer you try and work out smaller issues you have with co-workers on your own. If you’re comfortable doing so, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask someone to speak with you directly first before speaking with your boss.