While what you say during an interview is very important, it’s also important to make a good impression the moment you enter the company you want to work for. Wearing the proper attire to an interview is very important. I’d often gauge what to wear by imagining what my father, a fashion plate in his own right, would say if he saw the outfit I’d chosen.

Before I meet with a hiring manager, I sometimes will ask the the human resources professional I might speak to during my phone interview what would be appropriate to wear. It’s a good idea to ask, because if you show up to an interview in a business suit and the company is very casual, you may not get the job. Here are a few tips to help when choose what to wear, as well as some fun grooming tips:

– Shine your shoes

– Suits should be pressed, shirts ironed, and jewelry kept to a minimum

– Go easy on any cologne or perfume

– Conservative dress is better, unless you’re vying to be a deejay on MTV (or other wild and crazy place to work)

– No cell phones, pagers, or bulging wallets should be carried in pockets

– New briefcases, purses, or portfolio cases are ideal

– Comb your hair

– Tuck your shirt in, wearing a matching belt and shoes (as applicable)

– Don’t chew gum, drink alcohol, or smoke before your interview

– Don’t wear a short-sleeve shirt with a tie. It looks tacky!

– Always dress to impress!

– Sock color should match your shoe color (as applicable). For example, if you wear brown shoes, it’s best to wear brown socks

– No sneakers or sandals! Loafers, heels, or nice flats are acceptable.

– Wear deodorant! No smelly pits, please. If you can smell yourself, the interviewer probably can too.

– If you sweat, bring a small Kleenex with you to dab with

– Muted colors are best

– No wild patterns or odd color combinations please.